If you go to the DIRT MAG website today (or any day if you click the link) you will be able to read a brief interview with Wyn Masters. The interview was originally conducted way back in dec/jan but Billy never posted it (mainly cause we were waiting for Wyns sponsors to release the press release saying who was on the team even though everyone knew), but then last weekend Wyn won the Oceania 4X and DS titles on top of his recent National title, so I decided to add a bit more to it, and now it’s finally go live on the magic board.

Also here’s a picture of the Tallboy. Ain’t she pretty? I’m in Jamaica at the moment so I’ll get some riding photos from Jamaica as soon as I can. I know you are aching for it, aren’t you BMXers. Yeah thats right I know a few of you are reading this. Even though certain members of the BMX community publicly berate mountain bikers it’s a fact that A) you love rading this SHIT because if you aren’t wasting time scrolling the internet then you ain’t living, and B) secretly you knwo if it weren’t for a few dedicated poeple that mountain bike then you wouldn’t have anywhere to actually ride. So go dig.

Haha I’m fucking with ya Jimmy. You’re a good cunt, its just that i figure you would read this and it would piss you off for about five minutes before you remember to chill out and take the anger out on some spades.

Go check out IF SHIT COULD TALK because the author (Scotty Irvine  has been busy scrolling the internet for porn in amongst actually being outside not riding. AH MATE! Funniest and sexiest blog ever? Maybe. Yeah it is. FACT. 

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