Dicking About

Q: How do you become a better rider? A: Dick about more.   There’s no mystical medicine that can make you a better bike rider. No shaman can miraculously bestow skills upon you. It takes a bit of hard graft to become a better rider. But hard work doesn’t have to be entirely joyless. I…


Crank’d issue two

I’m a nerd for the history and tales behind trails probably as much, if not more, than I am for riding them. So when Alison Taylor (the editor of Crank’d Magazine) asked me to write a story about the history of trail building in Whistler I jumped at the chance.


The (Final) Dirt

#159 is like the cookbook of how to make something of worth and truly rad. I feel like I was lifted off the ship and pulled put through the sky so I could look down upon the ship and see it as a tiny speck in the ocean, it’s relatively to it’s surroundings, where it has been and where it should go.


I’m Not A Racist

So, is racing, mountain biking and is mountain biking, racing? I’d agree with the former but the latter? That would require a few more qualifiers.

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Rambo Day

On one hand this is a fun little video about one guy’s amazing stag do. On the other hand it’s about friendships, celebrating a lifetime of friends and making every moment count.