You Don’t Know…

You Don’t Know… is a series of thoughtful and insightful personality profiles that Dan Barham, Vernon Felton and I collaborated on. It was designed to show viewers another, deeper side of very high profile mountain bike personalities by cutting through the veneer that often provides the cover for true humanity of such people.

Mark Weir is an icon. He’s the tough man of modern mountain biking. The grimacing guy, charging down an ugly stretch of trail at ungodly speeds. The guy who kept pronouncing The Coming of Enduro long before anyone even took the notion seriously. And, despite his getting a bit grey in the beard, Mark Weir is also still one of the fastest riders on the scene.

Weir, however, is a hell of a lot more complicated–and interesting–than any and all of that. This short film begins to shed a bit of light on that fact, but this is just the beginning.

Keep your eyes peeled here for a longer feature story on Mark Weir. In the meantime, click play.

Brett Tippie is famous for his skills on the bike, for the role he played in bringing freeride to the masses and for his infectious laugh and famously oversized sense of humor. All of that is just scraping the surface of who Brett Tippie truly is. This is a look into the life of a man you only think you know.

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