We Are Union

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We Are Union is a collaboration between Dan Barham (photographer and filmmaker), Andy Rogers (design, branding and marketing) and Seb Kemp (writer and filmmaker).

Our tagline is “Delivering stories, from concept to execution” because we feel that every concept, whether editorial assignment or marketing project, should be focused on telling a story, drawing out interesting characters, and utilizing a narrative arc. Simple storytelling methods.

We are firm believers that simple, small stories can have wide ranging impact when blended with a teaspoon of innovative thinking, a sprinkle of conceptual inventiveness, a dash of pioneering artistic flourish and whisked with multiple communication mediums. That’s why we have been able to extract the stories from subjects that are all too often overlooked and present them in a way that is compelling and that resonates with audiences.

In the past year we bicycled through coastal British Columbia in search of the individuals that nourish so that communities could flourish. We have got to the root of several champion bicyclist’s successes – it turns out the extremes of abstinence and excess are no recipe for success. We have met a man who can lift rocks as big as a refrigerator using nothing more than simple mechanisms and a man who works with hydrogen, the simplest atomic structure except the engines that run off it are far from simple.

We have the ability to illuminate the lifestyles, sensual experiences and reasons for being that audiences consider authentic. Our strength is in identifying the critical story elements and being able to bring them to the surface because of our ability to empathize with our subjects and audiences.

We are a collection of photographers, videographers, writers, and graphic artists who have banded together to try to shed light on the more esoteric sensations of our subjects that go beyond the clichés.

VIDEO AND FILM – branded documentaries, commercials and think pieces from concept right through to distribution.
STILLS – We represent some of the action sports industry’s leading photographers.
DESIGN – We can help originate new product marketing strategy to a new website or motion graphic titles; from a start-up to the rebrand of a 100-year-old business.
COPY – We can assist with crafting strong copy to support any campaign.
MARKETING MATERIALS – We can help create and produce a wide range of marketing materials to support any multi-media campaign – posters, cards, websites etc.
SOCIAL MEDIA – We can integrate social media strategy into all projects.



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Sugoi/Sombrio spring/summer 2015



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