The Escape

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In BC, when winter descends upon us with its icy blanket, all the riding closes down…

Determined to escape the grasp of winter and shake off its snowy shackles, our two riders set forth from Whistler to circumnavigate the Strait of Georgia.

The route was completed by bicycle and with the riders towing all their supplies. Traveling by mountain bike – less suited for the roads but tailored to the gems of off-road trails – enabled them to link up exquisite trails networks and riding communities that exist throughout British Columbia.

Each town in British Columbia seems to offer better singletrack than the last one visited. To prove what’s out there Dave Roth and Seb Kemp cycled, on mountain bikes, from Whistler around the Strait of Georgia, stopping in Squamish, the Sunshine Coast, Powell River, Cumberland, Hornby Island, Parksville, Duncan and Saturna Island.

This trip is about the pleasure of the road and the thrill of the trails. We want to show everyone that, yes, nothing is easy, but the rewards of seeking soothe all hardship.

We want to remind the world that adventure is on your own doorstep, if only you get off the couch to seek it. It is about celebrating the world we ride within. It is also about the communities and individuals that dare imagine, build, and nourish so that mountain biking can flourish.

Seb Kemp – rider, writer, producer, co-director.
Dave Roth – rider.
Dan Barham – DoP, first camera, photographer, co-director, editor, web designer.
Andy Rogers – Photographer, creative director, second camera.

Salomon Ligthelm – Quiet Skies
Tony Anderson – Rise
The Lions Rampant – Burn or Shine
Jon and Roy – Vibrant Scene
Athletics – Why Aren’t I Home (Instrumental)

Shot on Sony FS700
Canon EF lenses
Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

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