2Flat is the creative hub of Seb Kemp’s work and the output may take the form of many or any medium.

To tell a story in any capacity is the driving force behind Seb’s work. Seb would love to say he is an award-winning filmmaker but that endowment has yet to come. [edit: actually in 2014 Seb’s Between The Eyes: Jordan Manley’s #dailywalk short film was awarded Best Documentary at the Leavenworth Film Festival] Between screenwriting, editorial writing, storyboarding, concept generation and post production, Seb is rarely bored. On any given day he maybe found writing commercials, shorts, magazine features, OpEd columns, reviews products, commercial copy, children’s books, producing his own magazine or filming interesting characters as they narrate their version of reality. Often at the same time he’ll be coaching mountain biking to local high school kids, wandering in the forest, renovating his girlfriend’s business space, riding a bike, or running with his dog, Khyber. He has also graced the covers and pages of many mountain bike magazines around the world as the subject of many great photographs. Perhaps one day he will find himself with enough free time that he can write the feature film and book that is in his head. Maybe he’ll be kept busy enough that the world will be saved from this.

His fundamental belief is that story is paramount and it’s something he implements at every level of his work.

Writer, director, producer, filmmaker, story diviner.

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