Dearest Dorset

My first stop while back in the UK recently was to one of my dearest friends, Ben Morgan. Ben and I met at university in Plymouth. We bonded over our shared love of BMX but we consolidated our friendship through many nights hard boozing, taking the piss out of each other and traveling to new places (usually to ride BMX or play frisbee, yeah, that was my college sport).

Since I saw him last he got married, had kids and is now probably the coolest teacher on Earth. Yeah, Ben is the heavily tattooed, bearded, smart, quick-witted, approachable teacher that we all wish we’d had. Man, if I’d had a teacher like Ben then I may have paid a lot more attention at school.

We only had a few days together but we tried to load everything in. Mike lent me his CX bike and we went off for a few rides around the Dorset hills. This place, especially when it’s sunny, is so very pretty. I felt like a tourist in my own country, which I suppose I am now that it’s been so many years since I lived there.









Ben Morgan is the f-ing man. Contender for Dad of the Year, Teacher of the Year, Best Bloke To Hit The Pub With, and Fan Of All Bicycle types. We use to ride BMX together but no matter the wheels I still love this guy.

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