Richie Schley Ride Camp

The summer of 2006. My wanderings had placed me in Whistler where I discovered the beauty and the beast of the Bike Park. I had just got myself a mountain bike again after a six year hiatus where I solely BMXed. It was a banging summer where I didn’t work, I lived in a house that had a revolving door of like minded individuals, and I really found solid ground under my feet again…sort of.

That first mountain bike again was one of Richie Schleys old RM Switches decked out with first gen Saint, Marzoochi, Easton and DeeMax day glow super strength wheels. I bought it off Richie for $2500 I think. Richie was still one of the top dogs of freeriding and he was all over all the movies and magazines.

Fast forward just four years and I’m back in the Bike Park, but this time i’m coaching alongside Richie Schley on one of his Camps. Yep, that’s right, four years later and i’m being paid to coach people to ride better and I get the opportunity to do so with a legend of the sport.

That was last weekend. Quite a trip really, but it goes to show that if you put all your mind, passion and enthusiasm into something then good things come your way. If you want something then make it happen with positive belief and correct conduct.

The above photo was taken in the 2006 Boneyard by Jamie. When I saw this photo I was stoked because I hated riding quarter pipes on my BMX, and it was a better flattie than I could do on my BMX. It felt like I had finally grown up enough to ride mountain bikes properly because when I was a kid I just couldn’t get them to move as much, hence the jump to BMX.

2 thoughts on “Richie Schley Ride Camp

  1. I was lucky enough to be in your group for most of the above-mentioned Richie Schley camp – you definately know your shite, are a great instructor, and a great guy to ride with.

  2. Yo Seb-san. I didnt read the whole shit but actually my house has revolving doors, too. Did you work for Richey? For some reason I still feeel I missed something. Aw and try that whahooo chicken at GLC.

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