SKIZZ DRINK...Takes the edge off Coke, and puts the BANG in apple

Some days are more creative than others. Today I should of being writing the overdue Whistler Diaries column for issue 96 of Dirt as well as getting ahead with submissions to the next issue of Spoke Magazine. Instead I invented a new drink…

Here’s the recipe. You’ll need:
– A glass filled with ice
– Bottle of Coke Cola
-Apple juice

Step one.
Pour Coke over ice to about the 2/3 mark.

Step two.
Fill rest of glass with apple juice.

Step three.

Now the best thing about inventing stuff is naming it. I was going incorporate some dodgy mexican spanish lingo but my vocab isn’t coming on too well. Instead named it after recent experiences here in mexico (which is where I was when this marvelous drink came to fruitition.

Recently certain members of the Kiwi house have been trying to out sick each other with dirty horrible videos on the web. You know the sort. Well scat videos have been up there with the worst. Looking at the finished drink it reminded us of a certain video where several different types of bodily fluid were being played with. Hence, scatt+piss=SKIZZ. Dont let the name put you off, its delicious.

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