So after the usual LoG press releases started circulating the web then i found myself getting asked more about what the bloody hell the LoG is and if i could bring the circus to their town. Which got my brain twitching with thought of gold boats, leopard skin toilet seats, and diamond encrusted croissants…yeah thats right, FRANCHISING!!!!

First franchise is Callum Jelley who is starting the Sunshine Coast BC chapter. Callum is a real good friend of mine so i felt comfortably giving over some control of my precious to him. He is also a little A.D.D i think so that helps get things done in the LoG style. Im looking forward to what he comes up with.

Heres the Press Release Callum knocked up to mark the franchise deal which appeared on Dirt Mag web

The League of Gentlemen ‘It’s Not a Race’ Race Series, International Division.

Peado beard faced tequila connoisseur Seb Kemp has unleashed his almost world famous League of Gentlemen Mountain Bike ‘un-race’ series upon the fine shores of British Columbia. Based on the moderately cloudy Sunshine Coast, BC, The League of Gentlemen series will follow much the same format as its original New Zealand counter part featuring the following events; Das Uber D, Really Railing Rally Race, Black Tower Chainless, Ocean Run and The Pump off. All dates will be confirmed on April 32nd via pigeon.

Seb Kemp spoke to us from his winter retreat somewhere in Mexico “ I felt it was time for the League of Gentlemen to expand its empire, with such success in the mega pacific Island of New Zealand, we believe that British Columbia will embrace the future of racing in an equally abiding fashion. Mr Callum Jelley will be at the helm of the good ship Child-Friendly-Fun awaiting the arrival of thrill seeking, adventure yearning, fresh-faced innocents ready to be up heaved by these events. And maybe Tim Hortons or Canadian Tire will give me loads of money to spunk up the wall”.

Callum Jelley is more than a funny name. He is the real deal. A fun chap who loves a laugh, riding persimmon flavoured bicycles, and is very motivated. The key ingredients for LoG Coordinators.

Mr Jelley had this to say about his new position, “Firstly I would like to say Seb Kemp is really a bespectacled dweeb picking apart society from a small desk in a dark room somewhere near you and not floating about in the wilderness like some rumours say. Truthfully I am honored to take this position and with help from my trusty Intern we will change the face of Mountain Bike racing forever.

For any information, discussion, displays of affection and general chit chat visit the League Of Gentlemens WasteFace page.

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