“Texture is all around us, every moment of the day we feel it through our hands, feet, skin but too often we fail to ponder it any further. What about the texture you feel through your handlebars and pedals when you blow apart that loamy berm, or the crisp feel of riding on a frost -ridden morning? The texture of the dirt that you can feel without touching. 

The emotions that explode over you when you hear the dull thunder of your tires tearing a minute layer of organic matter from the top of a trail; the gentle kiss of dirt on your legs; the white hot blood throughout your skin the moment before falling when you still have the capacity to change your fate; the smell of moist dirt and cedar; or the taste of that piece of dirt that flicked up into your mouth. These are the jewels in my memories treasure chest.

This is not just a sport we partake in; it is a full sensual experience, a lifestyle, a way of life, and a reason for being even. Somewhere along the line Mountain Biking overlooked the poems of experience and got caught up in the rhetoric of engineers, destined to be numbers, suspension curves and technology. It ends now.”

The Co-operative – coming soon

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