Here’s a headcam video that Pangus (Paul Angus) just posted of the brand new TURD SANDWICH trail on Skyline hill in Queenstown. Watching this video gave me a boner. A stonking blood dick twitching boner.

The trail was created by The Alliance, a group of extremely passionate and motivated riders who have taken trail building into their own hands rather than be content with the status quo. Of course, the status quo is pretty damn good in Queenstown already, they just want to keep things progressing. Hopefully we will be having an interview with them sooner rather than later on this site so keep tuning back in.

TURD SANDWICH starts from the midway point flowing down opposite side of the creek from VERTIGO trail (now machine upgraded to V-LINE by QMTBC) joins into V-LINE then splits off again to join WYNYARD EXPRESS. Looking at the time line on the video its three and half minutes long and thats just from the mid-way mark on Skyline. I’m sure Pang could of gone alot faster if that the Fiery Torpeadophile hadn’t been in front of him. AH MATE!

For anyone visiting Queenstown and likes a little rough and tumble with their biking then know this, Skyline is THE BEST area of trails in the Queenstown portfolio. Great on a DH bike but the ride up makes it even better for 6″ travel, wide bar, adjustable seatpost bikes, referred to as a Double XC bike in Queenstown by the locals FYI. There is trail map produced by the QMTBC available from all bike shops in town, but it doesn’t cover even half the trails up there. Instead you have to visit VERTIGO BIKE SHOP (located on 4 Brecon Street which is right in the centre of town and all the trails pretty much lead straight to its doors). The staff there ride Skyline everyday, have had alot to do with building TURD SANDWICH, and all love a roll in the dirt. There’s even a dog to pat. His name is Tim, he doesn’t bite but spends all day in the shop licking his balls. Wouldn’t we all do that if we had a choice?

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