“A moving tale of mans quest for happiness in a world characterized by malaise” The New York Times

“A visual fiesta…gripping, inspiring and otherworldly” The Guardian

“What a right bunch of cabrons…didn’t we see their testicles at Feliz Nuevo?” Sabinas Weekly

2 thoughts on “MEXICO: THE MOVIE

  1. Those trails looks sick….I though it was in Baja at first but after watching your video that mentioned elevation I am not so sure.

    Where is Rancho San Enrique? Baja, Sonora or Chihuahua?
    Are you guys planning on making it a travel spot?

  2. This would be an awe inspiring tribute to all that is great about biking for most people, but for me it is pure torture as I sit waiting for feet of snow to melt before I take the first ride on a mountainbike in over four weeks. Snow is great… for a day or two.

    And now that I have watched this longingly several times, the song stuck is in my head, can you please tell me who sings it? Thank you!

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