So last ride I squeezed in before I left for Mexico was a quick ride of the first part of Comfortably Numb and then descending out on Young Lust. Nothing special except for the snow. It had been snowing hard for several days but we were keen to look at the snow line. Colin Meagher wanted to get some shots for the Patagonia catalogue and maybe another for the Bike Mag Bike Test Spectacular (not really gonna be its name so be alarmed).

Colin Meagher finds an interesting vantage point to shoot some photos.

Pretty much as soon as we got out of the car it was apparent that it was gonna be a cold wet day, but the Whistler conditions always reward the brave and the committed…or stupid. The trail was in prime shape, the trees shaded the trail from alot of snow fall and left all the beautiful wet roots and rock exposed nicely. The climb up the old logging path was 4inches deep but provided adequate traction surprisingly.

We stopped at the bridge to admire the engineering and logistics of building it, and also Chris Markles (the trails creator) insane and stubborn grand vision of ever been able to cross that raging gorge.

The sign above the bike says it all. photo credit: Sebs shitty Fuji camera

Then it was a fast and furious descent down Young Lust to get back to the car and get warm. 

That was my last ride in Whistler of ’09. It was the most ideal day to be out on the bike but in the end it was a super fun and rewarding ride.

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