So Jimmy Carling has bugged Billy at Dirt so much that he has got some sort of gig updating the world on the happenings in Queenstown, NZ on the dirt website. Sound familiar?

Anyway, this week he covered the first LoG of the year in Queenstown, the DAS UBER D.

A nice write up overall. So stoked that some of the real heroes got credit for their hard work, passion and enthusiasm. Shame he forgot to mention the fact that a certain someone crafted the whole shebang from his own bare hands. Well done wee Jimmy lad. READ IT HERE

Reading it made me really homesick for Queenstown…No worries, tickets are booked for Feb now. I’m on my way so watch out Qtown!

One thought on “MIDWEEK ENZED VS. THE LoG

  1. Yes we cant wait to have your royal huckness back Mr Kemp, just got back from the LoG Rally Race, was sic (pronounced seeeek in enzed) another 40 or 50 people turned up and pedalled their little hearts out! No idea who won, I was chasing people around with a headcam, having a blast! Awesome! Nice Blog, I have added it to my favourites 🙂

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