In the previous post I referenced a blog post by another chap which contained an epic little youtube video that a certain DAIN ZAFFKE , the marketeer behind WTB, edited up from his whirlwind visit to Whistler in November whilst the Bike Mag Mega Test Fest was going on.

I say amazing, not because of the use of a HD 7d, out of focus shoots of foliage, use of a dolly, and super emo electronica soundtrack by some obscure Swedish band, but because he had covertly filmed it over the weekend then edited the whole shebang together and posted it up on social networking (and excuse for real socialising) website Facebook five minutes after leaving for home, whilst on a hangover.

Check it out for yourself, but i’m sure you will agree that the tempo and mood which he has edited the digitised moments of that short stay is crafted. Like a composer he takes the viewer on a journey of moods and feelings. There’s highs, there’s lows, and there’s that gorgeous little orange wet dream tearing the life out of Squamish wet rock.

Thanks Dain for making something for all of us to remember that weekend, shame you’ve edited out the peelers from Moe Joes.

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