The (Final) Dirt

#159 is like the cookbook of how to make something of worth and truly rad. I feel like I was lifted off the ship and pulled put through the sky so I could look down upon the ship and see it as a tiny speck in the ocean, it’s relatively to it’s surroundings, where it has been and where it should go.

Print Is Dead, Long Live Print

It happened. I spoke too soon and one of the big dogs went down. Or should I say, got put down. Dirt was a leading light since the day it launched 18 years ago.

Crankworx Flashback

I’m currently writing a feature story for the local newsmagazine, The Pique, and was reminded of this I wrote for the 2012 Crankworx Joyride finals. Thunderstruck kid gets in the van The heat choked the air from lungs and drained sweat from pores, evaporating all energy and vitality from the town. Fleshy young girls and…

Momentarily Forgotten

Momentarily Forgotten By Seb Kemp I attempt to hurtle down an old familiar stretch of singletrack. I know the tempo of the trail, what’s over the blind crests and around each turn, but still how my tires play with the details of the route is something I have to be alert to. The web of…

DIRT: The Great White Buffalo

  Illustration by Jon Gregory [My monthly column in UK super magazine, DIRT got plonked onto the unsuspecting audience of the web this week. I asked for it to go up because…well, I knew it would wind some people up and I could stand back and watch people blow off steam on their keyboards, much…