Just got back from the Frew Farm Jam. I am totally knackered and sun burnt. The weekend was a total blast in all respects. Great people, riding, and party. Here is a couple of photos of the background to the event.

Front page of The Southland Times on Monday 8th March. Brian the Bastard losing it on a flip whip. Later he won Best Trick (rider judged and was overall best trick from FMX, MTB and BMX) by pulling a front flip off the flat wooden drop on the Big Line. Nuts.

Pretty much the royalty of Kiwi mountain biking. As well as Nowood, Tom Hey, and Foster Walder with their respective lady friends, on the right of this picture we have Kashi Leuchs, Justin Leov and Kelly McGarry. New Zealands most successful exports in xc, dh, and hucking. This is the sort of get together that NZ is so good at, no barriers, no niches, no segregation. 

The FMX course, well most of it. A pretty tech course because it wasn’t just straight line wooden booters. Lots of dirt trannies, lots of different shape jumps, and lots of big floaters. Highlight of FMX was seeing Redbulls/Unit Levi Sherwood going upside down and doing hideous body contortions, at the same time. Also what was rad was seeing an ozzy dude doing ridiculous no handed scrub/whips. I will never work that one out. Also MX racings Scotty Columb going so fast and scrubbing every jump so hard that everyone stopped and stood in awe. Scotty has been racing overseas for a number of years and was preparing to head back over when his deal went sour and now he is going to be left at home for the season. Gutted.

Here is a photo of Scotty whipping it out. You can just about make out some rider behind the cloud of dust. 

UNIT Clothing (“JUSTIFY YOUR EXISTENCE!”) are fucking rad and flew a bunhc of riders to the comp like Dane Searls, Levi Sherwood, and Nic Franklin. Dane Searls is a gnarly styley BMXer from OZ that threw down hard all weekend and went considerably higher than anyone on all the jumps. They also paid for a chopper to film the weekend. Local farmer Willy was the pilot and in typical kiwi fashion nonchalantly skimming the ground and riders then sparking up a rollie. 

The riders and girlfriends after party. Southland farm style. Take one old railway carriage, a shit load of fire wood, a 12 point stag shot the day before, a freezer full of Jim Beam, and 200 hundred sun burnt, stoked riled up bikers. I don’t know what time I went to bed. 


For a more in-depth report of the Jam results check out the Frews Southern Freeriders page or even KELLY MCGARRYS Blog which he has spent 9 hours writing an uber blog post for the weekend.

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