This following post is a one stop (actually i might do a series of these) heckle fest for KELLY “MCMASSIVE” MCGARRY.

KELLY “McMASSIVE” MCGARRY is one of my heroes. Even though I rip the shit out of him to his face I do it only because I hope it will distract him so he doesn’t reach down with one of his super wookie arms and eat me in one go. Another reason why I’m always on his case is so that he will get shit done and get the respect he truly deserves from the mtb industry.

Here is Kelly on the phone calling in the gnar bomb squadron at Dream Track this morning. Yeah it’s not even breakfast time and Kelly is hitting some of the biggest jumps in existence. Everything Kelly does is supersized. I’m kidding about the bombing mission, Kelly is in fact on the phone calling in a blog post entry about the session. Kelly is committed to his BLOG.

Kelly is HUGE. As well as being literally the biggest thing in New Zealand freeride he is also actually the biggest thing. I think that could mean that he is also metaphorically the biggest thing too. Here he is making the kids day.

Kelly straight blogging. Go there and read the diary of a massive hucker. 

Me and Kelly going head to head blogging. Look who won.

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