This is the new advertising campaign that Kelly McGarry is featuring in.

It’s for a charitable organisation that deals with getting kids off druggies, pregnancy and street walking, and gets them into healthy pursuits like bicycle riding your way into debt, hucking and mopping toilet floors. As you can see Kelly is a great inspiration because his face looks like a mop is being run over a toilet bowl. Only kidding kids. McMassive is a real hero, and real heroes can take a joke. For more information go check out MCGAZZAS SUPER SITE OF PHILANTHROPIC DEADS

Keep checking back for a photo a day of Kelly McGarry.

3 thoughts on “BE INSPIRED

  1. shit that blonde crown of his got me jerking like i’ve never jerked b4, i’m so inspiring indeed hahhha! Kelly looks well bored tho, what’s next the Mcgarry bikini shoot, shit i’m buyin more lube for that mang! Yeeeeeeeeew!!

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