So Just got back from Gorge Road trails. Was another mean session, partly because the place was filled with inspirational people. As well as alot of my buddies who I am inspired by each day, there was a crew of shit hot BMXers, and the one the only Walter Pieringer.

The Kink BMX team are doing a bit of a NZ/OZ trip at the moment and they came by Gorge Road for a super session. Pretty much the whole of the Qtown hardcore turned out to watch Chris Doyle 360 turndown the place to pieces. I didn’t see one single 3 turndown (I might of blinked and missed it) but I was witness to ridiculous Backscratcher 3’s. 

Also in attendance was the Walter Pieringer. I’ve been a huge fan of his photography for a long time so it was rad to see him set up and execute some shots. I even got McGazza to shot a fan shot of me and Walter together. I think he was stoked that it wasn’t just the riders getting all the man love. He has some crazy equipment like that 10 foot high tripod for his flashes. I suppose you need something that tall to capture shots of riders when they are going that high, or even for face shots of giants like Doyle. Maybe McMassive should be using one of these for his hair conditioning product shots?

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