Last thursday instead of heading down to the Farm early I went out filming with Ginger Si for the third installment of Matty Smiths Summer Sessions. The above video is nothing to do with that day but does contain a rather humorous video of Si being the gayest man on earth. Ah Mate!

Every year he produces an awesome local scene video which manages to capture the amazing vibrancy of the Qtown scene. Often it contains more than just riding, things like Base Jumping, Canyoning, Skating, Skydiving, Moto. Basically everything fun that the locs here like to shred.

Even though i’m not resident in Qtown this summer I couldn’t resist filming for a section in the movie. I’ve had considerable participation in the previous movies. Anyone remember the Dancing Monkey or the Top Hat Gentlemen?

Me and Ginger filmed on a top secret trail that is all the best things of Qtown trail riding. It also includes so pretty big lines. I rode a first descent down a huge face that was definetely the only thing i’ve really been bugged out about riding in a long time. In fact I can clearly say that as I stood up the top I was breathing hard and really focusing hard on the line I wanted to take.


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