COMPETITION TIME EVERYONE. For a chance to win a capsule of  Seb Kemps toenail clippings all you have to do is correctly guess how many fingers Seb Kemp is holding up behind this beautiful Jamaican waterfall.

Leave your answers in the comments field on this entry before 21st March 2010. The correct answers will go into a tumbler and a name pulled off at random.

I decided it was apt to hold this competition after it turns out I am bigger than Kiwi Jesus. Yes thats right everyone last week I kicked Kelly “McMassive” McGarrys ass at the inaurgural BLOG OFF. Kelly and I went head-to-head for a week to see who could generate more hits for their respective blogs. Seeing as each day 2FLAT was gathering twice, or some days FOUR TIMES, as many hits as MCGAZZA.BLOODSPORT.COM I think it’s fair to say that it’s about time that Kelly chops himself off at the waist so I can legitimately be called the Biggest Thing in New Zealand Mountain Biking (in terms of blog hits and man length and thats about it).

This photo was taken today on the ride back from work. As was this one…

fooking massive tree roots.

13 thoughts on “COMPETITION TIME

  1. haha, I’ve got a pretty good guess but theres no way I’m entering this competition given that the prize may just get to be delivered to me personally…

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