Todd Hellinga has had a POD week. The above shot is the second POD (that means Picture Of the Day for those still writing in proper english) he has had on that site in one week. This one is of yours truly taken at 7am on his 30th birthday killing a fresh berm in Silverstar. Seems like the kids have been liking it as so far the most negative comment has been “Nice rasta socks”.

BRAAAAAP, said the deliquent 30 year old to the sky.

2 thoughts on “POD! LOL FTW. WTF? BRB…

  1. Well done you old sod! I get a damn good kick out of thrashing through your writings every now and then. Damn glad to know you’re still slamming life hard! Hope to get a chance catch up some day somewhere around the world again. Keep ripping bro, Chur!

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