This is Ian. Ian is nine years old. Ian likes to mountain bike. Ian can ride Crank It Up, A-Line, and Dirt Merchant. Here is a photo of Ian dropping into Dirt Merchant.

Ian likes going fast and jumping. Here he is jumping a tabletop on Dirt Merchant.

Ian rides a 24 inch Big Hit. He still only has cable brakes, but that’s ok, he likes going fast. Here he is riding some slab rock.

Here is Ian and Ethan. Happy shredding.

These young guns are growing up in and around some of the best mountain biking in the world. For them a trip to the bike park was like a trip to the park when I was their age. When I was nine we had planks of wood and bricks. They have Dirt Merchant and A-line. Even though I am coaching them now, in a few years time i’m sure they will be schooling me. Blessed are the young.

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