Front Lines MTB Podcast


Following on the theme of amazing content, Brent Hillier’s podcast, Front Lines MTB podcast has been on my mind (and ear phones) a lot lately.

I love the opening lines of each podcast, “The podcast for the people who truly make mountain biking happen. Not the riders, racers or product designers but the builder’s advocates and often forgotten board members of your local mountain bike trail association.” It’s a refreshing perspective when often the heroes that are put on pedestals aren’t the ones really doing the heroic work.

Each episode has been very thoughtful, illuminating and the topics chosen and how they are approached has been done so with beautiful consideration and from the perspective of the actual people that are doing the important work behind the scenes. Like, for instance, Jay Darby, President of Mountain Bikers of the Central Okanagan (MTBco), who in episode one talks about board burnout, developing a strategy, getting people invested in the work of local clubs, and setting expectations in the community for the work that needs to be done.

Every episode I’ve listened to has been interesting and taught me something new, which is the point of podcasts, right?

You can subscribe and download them all on iTunes or go to Brent’s blog BikeSki.

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