ESKAPEE – Negative Escapism

Unknown might be one of the best things to happen to the universe of digital bicycling content in a while (‘a while’ referring to at about a year or so because things happen so fast on the internet).

It’s an incredible outlet who’s purpose “is to tell the real mountain bike story. Stories we hope you get lost in and stories that make you want to ride.” Furthermore, if you go to their CORE VALUES page on the site you’ll see an amazing manifesto.

Which is why I’m honored to have a piece of my keyboard bashing be featured on Eskapee’s new ‘Voices’ section, a place for short essays. In it I ponder at what point escapism becomes a form of incarceration. The piece is called Negative Escapism and is based on quite a few conversations I’ve been having over the past year or so, but focused on one particular exchange. It’s not meant to be a downer, but just to act as a balancing piece to the cheerleading and hoorah. Go to, have a read of my ramblings (or not), explore the Issues and Shorts, and I really recommend you subscribe to the email newsletter because each week it’s like little gems of worthwhile content get cast into your day like magic fairy dust.

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