VOUCH: Tales On Tyres – Riding the Baja Divide



I’m finding myself really drawn to things like this right now. Partly out of curiosity for attempting and accomplishing big feats like riding the Baja Divide, partly out of…just wanting to hit the road myself and just go really simple for a while. It’s not that my life is complicated, I’ve worked ‘hard’ to make sure it’s pretty straightforward, but when I consider the next step, which is just waking up under tarp each morning, eat, pedal as long as you feel like, eat, drink, maybe pedal some more, then find a place to camp for the night. That’s it. The quality thinking time that looks like it could afford is very alluring.

This video is very well shot (in fact, I marvel at how they rode and filmed this, carrying all their survival equipment and camera gear) and is a pretty lighthearted look into the life of two German’s attempting the Baja Divide.

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