I’ve always had this view of Unit Clothing that they hand out way more product than they sell in NZ. I also figured they were run by some horrible bogan redneck goldcoast prick. I never even really liked the look of their product. However after the Frew Farm Jam I have to say I have alot more respect for them. They seem like a progressive company that is trying to help athletes and their sports by supporting rad stuff like the Frew Farm Jam.

I always thought the decal/logo/catchphrase of “Justify your existence” was horrible, but then at the Frew Farm it took on a whole new meaning, to me that is. Rather than seeing it as some drunk rambling call to arms to skull more bourbon before groping some half conscious bush pig in the back of a Holden. You follow me?

But now I see I was just unable to see past the tribal script. I am a changed man now. I can’t say that I will be able to live my life by those words but I may go and get the words tattooed across my lower back. 

The point of this entry? Just that I’m procrastinating doing some real writing.



  1. Well seb i can tell you a wee story,i got this “phrase” tattooed on my wrist a few years ago not knowing that it was units “whateva”, then went down to the farm to ride for a few days,dan was checkin out my ink n seen it n started reppin the fuck out of it,brought out a sticker n shit an i just about cryed hahah i was fuckin gutted,so anyway went to the tattooist the next week and got it covered the fuck up!! with a penis,not really but ya pickin up what im puttin down(my tattooist wasnt happy)
    I to am not a fan of there clothing only cos in aussie its bigger than rip curl or billabong and it makes me sick worse than playboy bunnys and southern crosses,but they are so supportive of everything putting money towards decend events and riders,Alot more companys should folow in there footsteps cos dirt jumping etc is goin down hill !! lets go do tuck no handers down stairs!!
    Ya dont have at post this i just thought id just pay maself out a bit for your amusment haah have fun on ya travels man lucky C*#t

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