cameron zink (@CamZink)
11/18/10 7:18 PM
Big thanks to Seb Kemp from Dirt Mag for writing the kind words!

Sven Martin made me do it, but I am now on Twitter. Not sure what I do with it, but it’s defo not just a glorified facebook status thingy. Today the above post came up from Cam Zink after he must of seen issue 105 of Dirt Mag with the Crankworx write up I did. After that this happened…

Joe Parkinjoeparkin@CamZink hey Cam, Seb Kemp is currently from @bikemag44 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone in reply to CamZink

CamZink – “You can almost share in the feeling of elation the burliest rider on the plant CamZink is feeling”22 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

The jury is out on Twitter, but lets keep looking out at it. look for ‘sebastiankemp’.

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