Knuckleheads is a rad bar. Located in San Clemente, Orange County it still upholds proper man bar tradition, namely cheap booze, dirty floors, pool tables, a juke box, really mental bar flies, and no nonsense. They even let dogs roam around inside the bar, have a punch bag machine, and flirtatious bar wenches. 

The punch bag machine. We got into this several times over the last two weeks, only to be beaten by the Squirrel both times.

One time things got really heated and Brice (seen here) wanted Squirrel to punch him in the stomach to see how good his hit was. The bar owner saw this and said that he wouldn't take any silly games in his bar, then five minutes later a fresh round of beers turned up at our table courtesy of the bar. Rad!

This bar also serves tallboys. Yep PBR in a big can, no fancy glass ware and bollocks ceremony, just straight up straight down.

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