So the latest issue of Revolution is out. I forget what issue number it is, they don’t appear to have a website, and I haven’t actually seen the copy myself yet. Anyway, once again I’ve got a ton of content in there. First up is a four pager on the Four Queens race which took place in Whistler this summer. Ozzy transplant, mr nice guy and the dude you will most likely be chasing on the trail, Dylan Wolsky, won the event so Revo were keen to have the low down. I’m not sure why a photo of mr on the Ten Inch Plastic Dildo (aka The Carboner) made it into the selection as that photo wasn’t taken months after the event, and no one rode a DH bike in that event. Anyway, Mr Ex-President, Todd Hellinga snapped the photos and makes it into print…for the first time? Not sure. Also in this issue is a write up I did of the Specialized dudes/Demo 8 press junket, and a long piece about the Deep Summer Photo Challenge which has photos from a lot of different participants, namely Steven Lloyd and Nicolas Teichrob. Go find it, either on ISSUU or in your newstands.

Words by moi and photos of Dylan Wolsky by Todd Hellinga.

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