I don’t want to turn this into just another website that acts as another tiny piece of machinery in making videos viral, but this week I’ve seen some pretty inspirational web videos so I thought I would share.

First up is an amazing insight into the makings of a magazine. It’s a fashion mag, but as these kinds of magazines demand so much attention and critique it makes it very interesting to see how the big players get things done. Check it HERE. This was found on DEFGRIP.NET which is my most favorite website.

Next up is a few BMX movies. The first one is a feel good when you are young, wasted, and careless one. I love this. HERE for WEARETHEBEST

Now this next video is a very personal video to the film maker, and rather than coming across as self-absorbed and corny is actually really very good indeed. I got goosebumps when the tunes changed tempo. HERE for FAST FORWARD SUMMER

Now here’s the trailer to a very grown up and well thought out ski movie by the Rocky Mountain Sherpas. ALL I CAN. I worked with Dave Mossop of the Sherpas a couple of years ago and he is a very funny chap and kills it with creativity. This teaser sets the scene for an amazing epic movie that goes beyond just hucks and sunset bro booter sessions. There is a real message in it.

I’m bored of this already, so I’m going to get back to doing something else now. But before I press out, here’s a video that has been sifting around the net for a few months and is without a doubt the greatest bit of action sports film making on the internet. DARKSIDE OF THE LENS. Enjoy.

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