Message from Patrick Fallon:

Congratulations! You are invited to become part of a very exclusive group…
I meant to interview Mr Seb Kemp while I was in Whistler, but I was flat-out with work (by which I mean too lazy and disorganised to get round to it). So I have decided to ask all you peoples to contribute to the world’s first Facecrack interview of this misunderstood mountain biking madman.
Here’s the deal: Go to Mr Kemp’s facecrack page & ask him at least three questions on his wall. Stupid, embarrassing, hilarious, vaguely bike related…whatever. If you can try not to ask him something that’s already been asked, but other than that go crazy! (If you can ask in a way that the question and answer might actually be understood by the general public). Oh, and Fraser and Indri if you can forward this to Lauren and Maia I’d appreciate it! Let the stupid questions begin…
Cheers all, Patrick

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