SPOKE MAGAZINE issue 37 July 2010

I’ve been slow on the 2FLAT front but in the background I’ve been loading up the worlds media outlets with more of my filth, poor grammar and even worse speeling. Here is a round up of July and August content blitz from three magazines from around the global sphere-a-tron.

I got a contributor profile in Spoke. I wrote it myself which is cheating as you are meant to have your oldest friend or favourite auntie to write it. They are supposed to tell funny stories about when you were a kid and how it was always so obvious that you were going to be doing what you are doing. I had to write mine twice as the first was deemed too rude. I recycled it and used part of it for the WTF of this here webber.

Here’s the one that made it in…

Seb Kemp grew up with constantly scabbed knees, dirty fingernails and one finger planted firmly in his nose. He was of average height and weight. Nothing special, nothing distinctive.

Spending countless hours sat in his fathers car listening to Dire Straits and Fleetwood Mac cassette tapes. As soon as the door was opened off he ran into the nowhere with his worried parents chasing after him. Ants in his pants and question marks in his eyes.

At school he scraped by expending the minimum necessary effort. Average was the tag on almost every school report. He would play any sport he could with fierce gusto, especially if it was kiss chase. Too much energy but not enough drive. Flicking and flirting with anything but nothing in particular.

All that changed when a family friend took him to a local mountain bike event at fifteen years of age. He was handed a bike and told to keep up. First to the top and keen to head down again. Family friend puffing and spluttering. Seb could see there may be something in these bikes.

Fifteen years later and Seb is still on that same bike ride. A nomad with a bike, a gypsy with no caravan. Bikes own his life, and to bikes he owes his life. Simply a jack of all trades, keen to try anything once in the name of exploration.

Different Perspectives" a profile of the Lifecycles movie project. since I wrote this I actually got to be one fo the lucky very few people in the world to see it screened. It is amazing and I will be buying a Blu Ray player just to watch it in all it's glory.

Revolution Magazine issue 20 July 2010

Frew Farm write up by me. Photo of Elmo Cotter by Camilla Stoddart. This crappy shot of the shot doesn't do justice to the height of the jump or the quality of the photo at all.

A history of fiveten by me too. They printed the first draft by mistake which doesn't include the very valuable input of Chris Kovarik. Thanks to Chris' last minute information the full version is the real version. The history of FiveTen can not be told without the inclusion of Chris Kovarik and Jeff Steber. Expect to see that full version in the next Dirt 100. I also had an opinion piece in there about bike shops but I forgot to take a photo of that piece.

DIRT MAGAZINE issue 102 August 2010

The Carter Holland interview by me. I love this piece if I don't say so myself. Mature, not geeky, and not a fucking lazy bloody Q&A. Could appear in Outside mag or Esquire perhaps. Go find it and have a read and judge for yourself. Photos by Sven Martin.

Dirty South Roadtrip story also by me. Starts off with a banger of Kelly Mcgarry then follows with eight pages of banger banger hammer photos by the amazing Camilla Stoddart. My words are sideways but its worth finding it and buying it just for the amazing photogrpahs alone. Seriously, they are that good. Camilla Stoddart rocks!

2 thoughts on “CONTENT BLACK OUT

  1. Good stuff – you’re one of my favourite contributators/commentators on mtb stuff at the moment. keep up the good work

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