So this photo not only tickled the fancy of a slew of 14 year old boys for one day, but it worked as material enough to make it the “Mostest Orrible Porn” also know as POM. This goes to show a few critical things. Firstly, that the internet isn’t just a sucking black hole of content where something today is forgotten forever…or is it? Secondly, that you can’t beat a bit of old body english to get the collective bar up. It’s not what you do, it’s the way that you do it.

The photo was joined by a bunch of really popular pictures. Young J-Beans shot a ridiculous photo of Mahony that was liked and faved alot. Patrick and Jarna got a snowy Coronet shot in there too. And somehow the above shot was faved over a shot of Semenuk by Harookz.

Go have a looksy. HERE

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