This photo has almost nothing to do with this post, but I needed something to kick off the post. For better photos go HERE.

So last week I posted saying how rare it is to find someone able to take new photos or new angles of old photos in the Bike Park, well the very next day I met and had the pleasure of working with someone who could shoot the Park in very new and exciting ways. Deep Summer Wildcard entry, Steve Lloyd came to Whistler as a first timer to the area and left with some very very special shots that I can guarantee no one has taken before. His fresh eyes, studying of past works, and skills as a photog allowed him to do some mind blowing stuff. I wish I could show you some but they are best kept under wraps until a later date. Hopefully these ones see the light of day and get in print. Expect to see more in ten days time at the Deep Summer Photo Challenge show. He is bringing his A game and fighting gloves.

Check out his work HERE

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