Often I find that when you shred hard for the camera the resulting shot ends up not looking like the action in it was as rad as I imagined it would look. That’s not to take anything away from photogs, it’s probably A) my fault as a rider B) I have delusional tendencies.

However, every so often a photo pops up that makes even me go “WOW!!! Dang I look good!” The above is one such shot. Taken by Jerry Willows on the 3rd July in Silverstar when I was there hanging out for NSMB.com Airprentice comp.

The the very next morning Todd Hellinga comes through with another shot that made me get a boner…over shot of me, which makes me not only a delusional old codger, but a narcissistic one at that.

The POD shot on THAT GOD FORSAKEN AWFUL BLOODY WEBSITE. 4th July 2010, Silverstar.

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