Which way to the beach?

My bike is currently the trickest bike i’ve ever owned thanks to a bunch of like minded helpers. First up the new Avid Code Brakes. I’d be wearing out pads like no bodies business due to guiding everyday in the Bike Park. But now it seems that my whole pay check doesn’t have to go on new brake pads every week thanks to the shiny Code brakes. Power!

Chromag Moon seat with limited edition CoC (Camp of Champions) design. So comfy and sleek that it was a fight between the Driver and the Tallboy as to which bike it went on. The Driver got the Tallboy in a gnarly nipple cripple. Dirty fighting is to be expected when you have a seat that looks and feels so good on your anus. It’s got a funky curve to take pressure off the man balls part, which also works great when it is in prime DH ‘performance’ angle. The Moon saddle comes out in the fall or winter.

Black chrome, black direct mount. Chromag FTW!

I just learnt what FTW means so I’m trying to use it in a conversation today. Doesn’t work if its a text language acronym.

Yup I gave in to the inner beefcake and now I too am a protein fiend. Here we have about 120 dollars of powders.

I gave in precisely because of scenes like this. Me passed out asleep in the parking lot because i’m so beat tired from working and hustling so hard everyday.

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