Short an simple post. The title explains.

First up my buddy Kevin ‘to Flat’ Landry with an awesome video. I would post it on here Rather than post the link, but Vimeo is some sort of cock blocker when it comes to WordPress. Landry is a super motivated and underground super hero of the BC forests. He is also the guy who came to me proposing a very interesting adventure that we have scheduled in for this summer. More on that later…

Secondly, it’s another link to IFSHITCOULDTALK. Scotts blog gets wilder and wilder, but this last post he toned it down and just got all fatherly and educational…well, in his own sort of way. CHECK IT.

Finally, Jimmy Carling wrapped up the summer for down under Mid Week Enzed updates on the Dirt Mag webber very nicely. Including this lovely bit of praise that made me blush, “Highlights of the video include…Seb Kemp’s 29er section around Twelve Mile. Regardless of what you think about 29er’s, one thing you can’t argue with is this man’s ability to get the most out of it. To say he’s pinned in his section is an understatement. Good work fella.” Look out for the video part he is talking about. Should be live very soon on this here internet. Rumour is there is also a cameo from my cock.

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