So it’s hard uploading photos it seems. Especially when there’s 7 other angry masturbators feeding off the sketchy satellite internet hook up. Here’s some of last weeks creation (above).

Last week we got a little rain. I also found some clay. So we racked off the dirt that had fine sugar quality and slapped a load of tranny to make this long, high speed berm on top of a freaking mountain. I havent’ understood why there was a bloody wacker plate here until that moment.

This is the Silver Fox model. Head angle is a bit slack, it’s a bit heavy for a modern downhill sled and I got terrible arm pump after a few runs. On the plus side, the BB height is slammed. Nonetheless the forums will have lots of useful and highly considered opinion on them.

This is what the above berm looked like when you could see the sea. It’ s there I promise, the pointy shooty cam just won’t let you see it.

This thing is a beast and is so big and long it feels like you are on a luge track. You can hit it as fast as you dare or your spine can put up with.

The Tallboy ready to go on a 1300m vert 11km singletrack downhill. The start is mach 4 flow, then it’s a superb combo of bamboo blasting, highly caffeinated coffee trail, tight, twisty, smooth, rough, fast, tech and steep. Truly amazing riding here. The crews before us have done an amazing job of getting some great trail out of challenging terrain.

I haven’t got weird fever yet, but I do like imagining I’m a super hero. Here I’m Mega Mountain Fire Hound…don’t ask, it must of been late in the day, just all your female friends I’m a firemen super hero who loves kids and has a 9″ tongue.

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