So the video you should of seen (the one above for all those living in denial) has surprisingly got more hits than Tiger Woods did when his poor wife finally blew her top at his infidelities. 37,000 hits on MPORA, another 5,000 on YouTube, and Dog knows how many on WasteBook. It got 35 hits on Pornorama too. That’s pretty good for a video of a 29er getting ridden on some Cross Cuntry trails that no one will ever ride. Especially when you add to the fact that it was filmed by Micheal J Fox on a $300 point and shoot camera. 

I’ve got two more webby videos coming very soon. One filmed in NZ last month and one filmed in Jamaica. The NZ one was filmed by a chimp on a real camera and edited by a professional.Tthe Jamaica one is self-filmed and edited in MyFirstWebVideo.MAC. 

Here’s a video that Luke McCombie made of the huckers of Qtown. A great little video except for one thing…the only clip I get is with no shirt on, goon riding past the camera. Yeah thats it. Brilliant. 

So three years ago I won the BEST BAR HUMPER at the Frew Farm Jam and I was making a name for myself putting on goon runs (names like “twatface” “dickhead” and “wally”), but over the past year or so i’ve been toning it down alot. In fact after crashing a boned out stem boner at Bevers Jumps in Feb I made a point of not doing them at all on my recent trip back to NZ. So it amazes me that the one tiny time I do it over the course of three weeks of jams and trails, Luke captures it in his little box trap and decides that’s the one video memory of the three weeks of NZ trails riding this summer I will have to keep. 

So it’s competition time again. First person to CORRECTLY write down in the comments field the time in which I appear goon riding in Lukes video, will win…a roll of Andrex toilet paper with Seb Kemps DNA on it.

Good luck everyone.

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