Hagley Gap

  Winding seal, unfeasible hill; Dirt and rock, for my luck I knock. Roofs corrugated, walls brightly decorated; Unfinished stories, hopes of wealth and glory. Honest buildings gaily painted, it’s patrons long time acquainted; Minor doorway barely there, within shelves stocked with wares. Mans face oil creased, leans on wall firewater greased; Hub of the…

Marcelo’s Cock / The Rooster Of Marcelo

A short story about good intentions, bad worms and unforeseen consequences Wayne Reid felt so pleased with himself that he vowed to leave his apartment for the first time in days. He would put on a clean T-shirt (or at least salvage a used one from the laundry bin), attempt to run a comb through…

Dicking About

Q: How do you become a better rider? A: Dick about more.   There’s no mystical medicine that can make you a better bike rider. No shaman can miraculously bestow skills upon you. It takes a bit of hard graft to become a better rider. But hard work doesn’t have to be entirely joyless. I…

Crank’d issue two

I’m a nerd for the history and tales behind trails probably as much, if not more, than I am for riding them. So when Alison Taylor (the editor of Crank’d Magazine) asked me to write a story about the history of trail building in Whistler I jumped at the chance.

The (Final) Dirt

#159 is like the cookbook of how to make something of worth and truly rad. I feel like I was lifted off the ship and pulled put through the sky so I could look down upon the ship and see it as a tiny speck in the ocean, it’s relatively to it’s surroundings, where it has been and where it should go.