Arbutus Routes X Darren Camplin

You can not fight time and finally we have time to start playing with Final Cut Pro. We have been playing with video creation and content for a while now but this is our first attempt at editing, and, WOW, it is going to take time to get to the level we want. However, we are very impressed with how intuitive and easy to use software like FCP is. With relatively cheap camera equipment, slick and easy to use editing software, and sites which are easily accessible for all of us to upload to and distribute make this a brave new world. This video has a few glitches and a little rough in places but we are pretty pleased how the first one turned out.

The video is a simple look at when artist Darren Camplin added a special touch to Arbutus Routes’ new tech benches. Using spray paint and India ink he turns the sheet metal facade into an abstract scene of Arbutus roots, trees and trail. Shot on Location at Arbutus Routes’ Whistler Village North Location on 12th May 2012.

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