The Nomads’ Art Of War

Recently, 2FLAT partnered up with snappy dresser and photographic craftsman Dan Barham, to produce a promotional video for BC based Enduro race team The Nomads.

Dan has been experimenting with video lately and I’ve had more than a passing interest in it, so when I started working on a written story about The Nomads for it seemed like an ideal opportunity to work on a fun project with Dan and learn a few new skills.

We decided early on that we didn’t just want to make a short shred flick. Instead we wanted to tell the story about the team’s preparations and unique make-up. Together Dan and I storyboarded the video, and on the shoots (there were five) I assisted Dan on the shoots, often playing the B-camera role. All credit has to go to Dan for the final edit, a beautiful four and half minutes of documentary-slash-action. I can’t wait to see what Dan produces in the future and the experience has certainly inspired me to experiment more with moving images. Already a series of short videos is in production.

Check out the video and find out more about the Nomads by reading the accompanying article, The Nomads’ Art Of War.

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