Racer X

Bikes change colors and styles, go from no suspension to full suspension and everything in between; from single crown to triple clamp, from 1” of travel to 10”, from single-speed to 28 speed. What doesn’t change is the racer who gets on the bike and gives it 100 percent every single time whilst constantly dealing with the weight of hopes, dreams, and pressures of winning. Ultimately, racing is about people, not bicycles. Bicycles can be any color and have any name on the down tube, but what matters is the man or woman cranking the pedals. It has always been this way, and it will always be. -2FLAT

2 thoughts on “Racer X

  1. People? Is this also affected about who you are racing against? If you know the chaps you are lining up against, does that make it 110% effort or just increase the size of your grin over the finish line?

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