Sterling Lorence has more covers than you

It is a long standing tradition that for each issue of Bike Magazine a framed copy of the cover is sent to the featured rider and photographer. Bike Magazine decided to hand deliver a framed 2012 Photo Annual cover to Sterling Lorence’s home in Vancouver, BC. Sterling Lorence has had more Bike Magazine covers than anyone – 25 covers in total. All of them adorn the wall of his office. Bike Magazine staffers Morgan Meredith and Brice Minnigh and I stopped by Eye Roam World HQ in North Vancouver to see why Sterling has so many covers and why it means so much to him to make the cover of Bike Magazine even now. We bought a camera with us and the following is a little snippet of our early Monday morning gatecrashing.

Filmed and edited by Seb Kemp.

Read the whole thing on HERE.

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