April Fools?

Filming for the Brown Pow commercial. It is all meant to be a laugh.

Back in March, filmer Matt Dennison and I set out to make a humorous video about the Coastal Crew’s new secret sponsor, Specialized Bikes. In order to get the story out but hide their identity we came up with the concept of making a spoof commercial with fictional energy water, Brown Pow. Oh, and it just so happened to line up with the 1st April.

The commercial and out-takes video can be seen below, or click HERE for the article on NSMB.com.

Also, here is a gallery of the photos I took that day. I would like it be known that this was my new DSLR’s second outing so the photos aren’t top notch yet, but like many amateur photographers I have over processed them so you know that I’m not taking myself too seriously. Support real photographers and not bargain electronics.

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