Las Vegas Video

The following is a collection of just some of the videos that we collaborated with Dan Barham, Vernon Felton and Bike Magazine ( for the annual bike show gathering, Interbike in Las Vegas. Rather than go down a familiar route we chose to try something a little different, a little humorous and a little more mature…sort of. While the number of views might not be as strong as we would like, we are proud to have attempted something a little riskier. Enjoy.


What is Interbike? The simple answer is that it’s the cycling industry’s annual tradeshow.

But that’s missing the point entirely.

Interbike is more than that. It’s an experience; a mutant, sleep-deprived, mind-bending experience. Sorta like Las Vegas itself. We could slaughter a lot of nouns and verbs here in an attempt to summarize that experience, but we’d never do it justice…so we’ll just let our video camera do the talking.



Okay, so we’re at Interbike, the bike industry’s once a year chance (in the US, at least) to get together in one place, kick tires, take notes, tell lies, and see who has the worst new graphics. As with any trade show worth its salt, Interbike takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada and Vegas is therefore going to be the backdrop for this short, informative guide for how not to be a total chump at Interbike.

Bike Magazine investigative reporter, Vernon Felton, travels to Las Vegas to shed light on the real trends emerging from Interbike 2013–the sudden and alarming decrease in “booth babe” populations, the 35 percent increase in “Bro-ing” amongst cycling industry insiders, the continuing decline in men sporting crazy facial hair and more.

Oh, anyone can crank out a superlight, super adjustable, carbon fiber dream bike, but it takes a special someone to invent the world’s smallest, folding electric bike. We roamed the floors of Interbike and gave the more daring entrepreneurs 30 seconds to pitch their products to the world. Get ready for the weird.

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