Enduro Week

We recently worked on a series of enduro racing articles that covered what it means, what are the top races, globally and locally, and interviews with some of the top racers and people involved with the format. Here is the round-up of the articles which appeared between 24-27th January 2012 on NSMB.com

Intro to the week: definition of a definition http://nsmb.com/4949-nsmbcom-enduro-week-intro/

It’s Only a Name – Ash Smith is the man behind the Trans-Provençe, a point-to-point race throughout France that contains special descending-oriented timed stages. http://nsmb.com/4948-its-only-a-name-right/

UCI – Seb Kemp caught up with Chris Ball of the UCI, successful Enduro racer Jerome Clementz, and racer and photographer Sven Martin to piece together the story of the international sanctioning body’s push into Enduro racing. http://nsmb.com/4952-teaching-an-old-dog-new-tricks/

Arthur Gaillot and Dylan Wolsky are two BC racers who have their sights set on the international Enduro circuit for 2012. We caught up with Arthur and Dylan to find out what gets them stoked on Enduro, what makes it different from other disciplines, and how it affects the rest of mountain biking. http://www.nsmb.com/4955-interviews-arthur-gaillot-and-dylan-wolsky/

Sven and Anka Martin may be the most experienced and opinionated voices in the world of Enduro. We picked their brains on the topic to see where they stand. http://www.nsmb.com/4956-interviews-sven-and-anka-martin/

INTERVIEWS We spoke with some of the biggest names in Enduro racing to get answers not only about pro-level issues, but what might affect the average rider as well. http://www.nsmb.com/4965-interviews-tracy-moseley-mark-weir-and-ben-cruz/

North Shore Enduro race Cameron Belisle-O’Donnell is an employee at North Vancouver’s Obsession: Bikes. The Enduro stoke is high at Obsession, who have a large hand in organizing North Shore Bike Fest in June each year. This year’s weekend of racing features a stage Enduro, and Cameron’s built up a modest bike for this and other races, as well as his everyday riding on the North Shore. http://www.nsmb.com/4959-readers-ride-blue-collar-enduro/

Wade’s Excellent Adventure, for the third year running (fourth in total), will be celebrating the trails and character of the Shore by bringing people together for a fun and challenging event. Some would call it a race, others may call it an excuse to relax with friends and hunt for stashed treasure. Either way, both sides are equally catered for. http://www.nsmb.com/4962-wades-excellent-adventure/

The North Shore Ripper is part of a three day event run in June by Obsession: Bikes. This year, the Marathon XC race is being replaced by a stage Enduro. http://www.nsmb.com/4961-north-shore-ripper-enduro/

4Kings – Tony Horn brings us the third installment of much loved and feared race series. An all-discipline stage race where all the stages have to be ridden on one bike, with the same tires and components. http://www.nsmb.com/4963-an-unholy-trinity-the-4kings/

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